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Were you recently injured in a car accident in Portland, Oregon? Here is some advice from Portland personal injury lawyers about how to handle the aftermath of the car accident and how to start the personal injury claim process in Portland, OR. For more information, check out this Portland Car Accident Lawyer website, which has a wealth of information about what to do after a car accident, what to expect when filing a personal injury claim in Portland, and how to negotiate with insurance companies to maximize your compensation for your car accident.


Personal Injury Attorney Portland OR: What to do After a Car Accident

Check for Serious Injuries

portland-car-accident-attorneyThe first thing you should do immediately after your Portland, OR car accident is to check yourself for serious injuries. If you sustained an injury, even one that you think will improve on its own, you should consider seeing a doctor as soon as possible. Going to a doctor will help you get peace of mind that you’re alright, as well as giving you a set of expectations and a timeline for your recovery process. Going to a doctor also gives you the benefit of documenting your injuries sustained in the accident.

File a Police Report

Call your local police department to send out an officer. If your accident caused a fatality, serious injury, or significant property damage, you are legally required to call the police to file an accident report. No matter if you are shaken up or you think the accident was your fault, we recommend not apologizing for the accident or admitting blame for it at the scene of the accident.

Gather Other Parties’ Information

portland-car-accident-lawyer-1Check on the other parties to make sure they haven’t sustained serious injuries in the accident. After doing so, ask them for their name, contact information, license number, and insurance information. If there were witnesses present to the accident, make sure you take down their name and contact information as well.

Take Photographs and Gather Information

If you have a camera phone handy, take pictures of the accident scene if it’s safe to do so. Take pictures of the location of the accident, making sure to include stoplights, stop signs, street signs, road deformations, etc. Take pictures of the damage to your and other vehicles if it is safe to do so. Make sure to get multiple angles of everything if possible. If you have questions about what types of photos you should be taking, call your personal injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon.

Document Your Recovery

Any time you visit a physician for treatment relating to injuries from your accident, take notes that document your care and recovery. Make sure to keep all bills, copies of forms, test results, receipts, and paperwork in order to document your medical care the injury’s impact on your life. Talk to a Portland car accident lawyer for more information on collecting evidence and documentation.

Talk to a Portland Car Accident Attorney

car-accident-attorney-portland-orA Portland injury attorney will be able to help you evaluate whether you have a strong personal injury claim or not and help you with the next steps in the process. If you were recently in a car accident, odds are you are stressed or anxious about the outcome of your Portland personal injury claim. A Portland injury attorney can put you at ease by explaining the process to you and helping you keep track of the things you need to do in order to be successful. Your personal injury lawyer in Portland, Oregon will be able to help with collecting evidence, filing your claim, and negotiating your settlement. If your case goes to trial, having a top Portland car accident lawyer will be invaluable!

Visit the Dawson Law Group Portland car accident lawyer site for more information about filing a personal injury claim. If you need to talk to a Portland personal injury attorney, they have Portland injury lawyers available for free, no pressure consultations.